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Apr 14, 2016

Saramonic Radio Lapel Mic Kit

$50 per day *

Add the 
Saramonic Handheld Wireless microphone
for just $15 per day *

The receiver unit can pick up both the lapel microphone and the handheld microphone so you record both directly to your camera or audio recorder.

* plus insurance and GST

Mar 29, 2016

Viltrox LED light wand: 12W white/yellow

$25 per day *

1/4" thread mount in base
Overall length 55cm
LED length 35cm
Diameter 5cm
Internal battery
12v AC adaptor
Carry case

* plus insurance and GST

Feb 22, 2016

Shure BLX288/PG58 Dual-Transmitter Handheld Wireless System with PG58 Mics

$100 per day *
The BLX288 Dual-Transmitter Handheld Wireless System with 2 PG58 Mics from Shure includes a BLX88 dual-channel wireless receiver and two BLX2 handheld transmitters, both with PG58 microphones.

Both of the BLX2 handheld transmitters have a 300' line of sight operation range with the BLX88 receiver. They are each powered by two included AA batteries that can provide up to 14 hours of operation. The BLX88 receiver features microprocessor-controlled internal antenna diversity that helps prevent interference and signal dropouts. Its one-touch QuickScan feature detects the most interference-free frequency and sets the channel to it for fast setup. The PG58 microphone features an on/off switch on the mic body and is tuned for vocal applications.

Combine  this with our Mackie Mixer, JBL speakers and other accessories for a great PA system.

* plus insurance and GST

Jan 31, 2016

Tascam DR-70D audio recorder

$60 per day *

Designed as an audio recording solution for filmmakers, the DR-70D 4-Channel Audio Recording Device for DSLR and Video Cameras from Tascam features dual built-in omnidirectional microphones and is capable of recording up to 4 tracks simultaneously. It has tripod mounts on both the top and bottom of the unit and can be mounted above or below your DSLR or video camera as well as on a follow-focus cage. Recording to SD, SDHC, or SDXC cards up to 128GB, the DR-70D tracks in BWAV format for NLE compatibility. All integral parameters feature dedicated hardware controls, so you never have to go searching through menus to quickly change a setting. A dedicated camera output lets you send a mic-level signal to your camera's audio input to create a reference track for easier synching in post, while the dedicated headphone output allows you to monitor your audio.
Key Features
  • Designed for use with video and DSLR cameras and can be screwed to the bottom of a DSLR camera with jacks and controls that stay out of the way 
  • Simplified interface with controls on hardware switches and knobs instead of menus, for quick adjustment during a take 
  • Dual record function captures a safety track to have a backup in case of distortion 
  • Tascam's HDDA microphone preamps which are designed for low noise, low distortion, and full-bandwidth 
  • BWAV format capture for NLE compatibility 
  • Limiter and high-pass filter prevent wind or mic bumps from overdriving the recording 
  • Microphone level camera output allows you to record the same audio to the camera for easy synchronization in your editor 
  • Records to SD/SDHC/SDXC media 
  • Individual headphone and camera outputs allows you to monitor recording with headphones while sending another output to the camera 
  • Slate function records a tone for precise synchronization between DR-70D and camera audio in post 
  • 4-track recording records from four XLR microphone inputs 
  • Built-in omnidirectional microphones allow you to record without packing mics 
  • Runs on 4 AA batteries
* plus insurance and GST

Dec 10, 2015

Rode Video Mic

$35 per day *

Key Features
Barrel Canceling Pick Up
  • The Rode Video Mic functions as a true line plus gradient microphone with a super-cardioid pattern in the front and a barrel that cancels side-audio. The result is maximum pick up of the source in highly ambient and noisy environments. 
Selectable 10 or 20dB Pad
  • When capturing audio in loud environments, the VideoMic offers built-in attenuation. The selectable 10 or 20dB pad lessens the microphone's sensitivity, allowing it to handle higher SPL levels without sacrificing clarity. 
High Pass Filter Switch
  • A high-pass filter switch eliminates room ambiance and noise below 80Hz. This results in improved intelligibility while recording around machinery, wind or close proximities. 
Internal Power
  • The condenser element is powered with a standard 9-volt battery for up to 100 hours (approximately).
* plus insurance and GST

Dec 8, 2015

Dracast LED160A Bi-Colour On-Camera LED Light

$40 per day *

The Dracast On-Camera Bi-Colour Temperature LED Light with Aluminium Chassis, Battery, Plate & Chargerincorporates 160 LEDs, 80 daylight balanced and 80 tungsten balanced, with a CRI rating of 95, providing illumination with accurate colour reproduction. It features an aluminium chassis for strength and durability but weighs only half a pound. It features a built-in variable dimmer that can dim the lights output from 100 to 0% without flicker at any frame rate. A separate knob controls the colour temperature balance of the LEDs. 
The light produces a 45° beam angle, providing bright light with an even spread. It features a slot for available diffusion gel (not included) so you can easily soften the light without having to tape or pin diffusion onto the light. You can power the unit by using the included Sony L type battery to power the unit. A 1/4"-20 threaded hole allows you to mount the light to your camera's accessory shoe via the included hot shoe adapter.
Key Features
Daylight Color Temperature & Dimming
  • The 160AB features 160 LEDs, 80 tungsten and 80 daylight balanced LEDs. 
  • A single knob controls the colour temperature balance. 
  • The maximum brightness of the light is reached when the colour temperature is set about half way between tungsten and daylight. 
  • A single knob controls the dimming of the unit, with a flicker free brightness range of 100 to 0%. 
  • The kit includes the 160AB LED Light, battery, charger, hot shoe mount, P tap battery cable, travel case
  • It features a slot for diffusion or colour correction gel. 
  • The light unit includes a Sony L type battery, charger, and battery plate. 
  • The light incorporates a 1/4"-20 threaded mounting hole in the bottom of the unit for light stand or accessory mounting. Using the included hot shoe mount allows you to mount the light to your camera via the hot shoe connector. 
Battery Level Indicator
  • Pressing the battery test button, marked as "T" on the back panel of the unit, shows the remaining battery life on 4 green LEDs.
* plus insurance and GST

Nov 29, 2015

Sony PXW-FS5 XDCAM Super 35 Camera System

$250 per day *

Super 35-Sized CMOS Sensor, Sony E-Mount, 2 x SD Media Card Slots

Bringing a smaller, handheld form factor to Sony's line of digital cinema cameras, the PXW-FS5 XDCAM Super 35 Camera System captures UHD video using a Super 35mm-sized sensor for cinematic imagery. Though small in size, it incorporates professional features that differentiate it from consumer and DSLR/mirrorless cameras and make it suitable for use on productions as diverse as cinéma vérité-style documentaries, reality TV, and commercial and corporate applications. 
The camera's E-mount is machined from stainless steel and allows you to use E-mount lenses or accept most 35mm lenses with the use of adapters, including PL, EF, Leica, and Nikon lenses. The camera records in your choice of XAVC-L or AVCHD. It incorporates two SD media card slots that support simultaneous or relay recording. Outputs include both HDMI and SDI and Sony's proprietary Multi-Terminal. The body also incorporates an Ethernet connector, headphone jack, and XLR audio inputs. All connectors and card slots are covered to protect from dust incursion. The camera supports Wi-Fi and NFC functionality, allowing you live stream from the camera, or control it from a wireless device.
  • The PXW-FS5 is equipped with an E-mount machined from solid stainless steel for stability and strength. It accepts E-mount lenses from Sony, Zeiss, and other manufacturers. The shallow flange distance allows you to mount most 35mm lens types, such as PL, DSLR, and legacy SLR lenses, including Canon EF, Leica, and Nikon as well as many others with mechanical adapters.
  • A built-in, electronic, variable ND system allows you to dial in anywhere from 1/4 to 1/128th ND filtration in the camera body, allowing you to eschew the use of optical ND filters. The variable ND also features four preset positions; off, 1/4, 1/16, and 1/64.
Metabones Canon EF Lens to Sony NEX Camera Lens Mount Adapter 
$60 per day *

Metabones Canon EF Lens to Sony E Mount Speed Booster ULTRA 0.71x
$90 per day *

Sony E mount 18 - 105mm F4 lens
$90 per day *

* plus insurance and GST

Nov 23, 2015

DJI Osmo Handheld 4K Camera and 3-Axis Gimbal

$75 per day *

1/2.3" CMOS Sensor, 4K (4096 x 2160) Video at 24 or 25p

  • DJI Osmo Handheld 4K Camera and 3-Axis Gimbal
  • Handle
  • Mobile Device Holder
  • HB01-522365 Intelligent LiPo Battery
  • SOY015A-1260120 Battery Charger
  • Charger Power Cable
  • Storage Case
  • Wrist Strap
  • Shoulder Strap
  • 16GB microSDHC Card
  • UV Filter
  • Lens Cap
  • Rosette Protection Cap
The Osmo system from DJI combines the Zenmuse X3 camera/gimbal with a detachable handle, bringing the benefits of stabilised 4K shooting to a handheld form factor. The camera features a 1/2.3" CMOS sensor that enables up to full DCI 4K (4096 x 2160) video recording at 24 or 25p as well as 12MP photo capability.
Basic controls for the camera and gimbal are provided on the handle itself, including a joystick for manual pan and tilt. For monitoring and more advanced operation, there is a Wi-Fi link allowing Osmo to be tethered to a mobile device running the DJI GO iOS app. 
An included mobile device holder effectively turns your smartphone into an on-board monitor. The Wi-Fi features a range of up to 85', so you can operate the camera and gimbal remotely as well.
Up to 120 fps in 1920 x 1080 HD

* plus insurance and GST

Nov 16, 2015

Zacuto Gratical HD Micro-OLED EVF for Sony FS7

$200 per day *

Rising far above the readily available generic EVF or LCD screen with a loupe magnifier attachment, the Zacuto Gratical HD Micro OLED EVF packs more display features and functions than is found in many much larger EVFs and on-camera monitors. At the heart of the EVF is a micro OLED panel about the size of your thumbnail with 5.5 million dots of resolution that produces an image with true blacks and a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, supporting RGB at 24-bits for vivid color rendition. 
You can choose to display a 720p image within the full resolution display of the OLED and then display the various scopes and signal displays outside of your picture area, which allows you to have an unobstructed view of your image while being able to see a waveform or histogram display of your image.

  • Shoulder-Mounted Rig for Sony FS7
  • Balances Weight of Rig Over Shoulder
  • Grip and Monitor Relocated Forward
Kit includes
  • VCT Universal Baseplate with 15mm Rods
  • Rosette Minimount 
  • Axis Mini for Sony FS7 
Gratical HD Micro OLED EVF 
  • LP-E6 (7.8 Volt, 1800mAH) Type Battery 
  • Charger
* plus insurance and GST

Oct 18, 2015

Titan Radio TR400 UHF 2 way Portable Radio

$20 per day each *

* plus insurance and GST

Oct 7, 2015

Kessler Second Shooter (3-Axis) Slide, Pan, Tilt System

$150 per day *

Motion control for live-mode, looping, time-lapse and stop motion

Combine with our Kessler Cine Slider (extra) for a fantastic motion control experience.

Second Shooter™ is a revolutionary motion control system that boasts a sleek and compact design, feature-rich operation and an incredibly intuitive user interface. Featuring 100% repeatable motion control for live-mode, looping, time-lapse and stop-motion applications. 
Unlike stepper motor based moco systems on the market today, Second Shooter™ receives feedback communication from digital-encoded motors in determining motor positions to ensure precise control. Second Shooter™ provides users with ultra-smooth and quiet motion control, making it an outstanding companion on any job. 
Second Shooter™ is motion control for the masses. An affordable and comprehensive solution that will meet the needs of large production houses and one-man-bands alike. With the ability to set up and operate quickly, it can be deployed in run-and-gun environments just as easy as it can be used in dramatic astro-timelapses. 
Don’t settle for anything less than your best - put a Second Shooter™ to work for you today.
3-Axis Control
Each unit is capable of controlling up to 3 axes: Slide, Pan & Tilt. 
3 Speed/Torque Options
Easily switch the motor speed/torque (power) for the Slider motor via the quick-change pulley system.  The rental option is for the CineSlider.
Key-frameable Positions
Since Second Shooter is a digital system (like CineDrive), all you need to do is mark your keyframes. There is no need to record your move. 
Built-in Intervalometer
Trigger your camera in time-lapse or stop-motion modes with the built-in intervalometer located on the controller. 
Built-in Flashlight
Easily turn an LED light on at anytime. 
CANbus Connection
A CANbus connection is provided for future expansion or add-on devices (ex: more axes, i/o ports, joystick controller, etc.)  
Bubble Level
Recessed bullseye level installed in the Pan axis. 
Magnalink™ Connection
Store the Second Shooter controller on the slider motor or other mounting accessories using the recessed magnets for a clean setup.

What's Included with the 3-Axis system:
  • Controller
  • Slider Motor
  • Extra Pulley (Small size)
  • Pan & Tilt Axis w/ Camera Screw
  • AC (Wall) Power Supply
  • (3) CAT5 Cables
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Camera Control Cable Extension (see note below)
NOTE: Camera Control Cable is extra $5 and varies with camera Brand and Model. Call to see if we have one available for your camera.
* plus insurance and GST

Oct 6, 2015

Allen & Heath Qu-32 - 38-In/28-Out Digital Mixing Console

$350 per day *

38-in/28-out digital mixing console for live and recording

Designed to accommodate a wide variety of live sound reinforcement and recording scenarios, the Allen & Heath Qu-32 is a 38-in/28-out digital mixing console that doubles as a 32×32 USB recording interface. Featuring 32 of the company's recallable AnalogiQ microphone preamps, and powered by a 5 core ARM processor, the Qu-32 provides a variety of integrated effects and processing including channel-independent 4-band parametric EQs, compressors, delay and reverb. 
The mixer is compatible with both the ME Personal Mixing System and dSNAKE digital connectivity system from Allen & Heath. The Qu-32 can also be used with the Qu-Pad app, allowing you to use your iPad to mix from anywhere in the venue when connected to a wireless network. Engineered for intuitive navigation, the mixer also features a 7" touchscreen display, providing access to all settings. Furthermore, the mixer has 33 automatable, motorized faders for fast recall of levels when mixing FOH for multiple acts on the same stage, dealing with multiple monitor mixes, and similar scenarios. 
* plus insurance and GST

Sep 30, 2015

Polar Pro Promic GoPro Microphone Kit

$10 per day *

A custom external microphone that easily attaches to the GoPro
For use with your Go Pro camera in a skeleton or frame housing.
Also includes a lavelier mic ( not shown )

Designed to enhance audio capture, the stereo Promic GoPro Microphone Kit from Polar Pro is a custom external microphone that attaches to the GoPro without requiring any additional mounting hardware. It provides better sensitivity and higher fidelity than the GoPro's built-in microphone - ideal for concerts, interviews, motorsports, or other times where audio is as important as video. On the HERO2 it plugs directly into the 3.5mm mic input, and for the HERO3 and later models there is a right-angle 3.5mm to mini-USB adapter included. The microphone powers from the camera, and does not require a separate battery that needs to be replaced. A removable windscreen is included to help reduce wind noise when filming outdoors.
Key Features
  • Stereo pick-up pattern - ideal for capturing ambient sounds and atmospherics 
  • Custom right-angle adapter for HERO3 and HERO3+ included 
  • Plugs directly into HERO2 
  • Includes Removable Foam Windscreen 
  • Microphone powered by GoPro - no batteries required 
  • Compatible HERO models include: HERO2, HERO3, HERO3 White Edition, and HERO3+ Silver and Black Editions Note: Use included right-angle adapter for HERO3 and later models
Pick-up PatternStereo
Output3.5 mm mini jack (mini-USB adapter included)
Note: Because this powers from the GoPro, compatibility with non-GoPro cameras is not assured even if the connector is the same
Power RequirementsReceives plug-in power from the GoPro

Sep 27, 2015

Electro Voice ETX-18SP Speakers : Sub woofers

$175 per day * (pair)

Subwoofers for ETX 35P

  • 18" DVX woofer for extended low-frequency response 
  • 1800 W Class-D power amplifier with integrated FIR-Drive DSP 
  • 135 dB peak SPL 
  • Special DSP preset for true cardioid performance across the full operating bandwidth 
  • Combo pole cup (insert and threaded) for use with the ETX Powered Loudspeaker full range models 
  • Removable casters
* plus insurance and GST

Sep 21, 2015

Atomos Ninja Assassin 4K HDMI Recorder and 7" Monitor

$120 per day *

1920 x1200 IPS Touchscreen Display, Records 1080p up to 120 fps

The Atomos Ninja Assassin 4K HDMI Recorder and 7" Monitor combines a colour-calibrated 1920 x 1200 resolution display with 4K video recording and edit-ready codecs. The Ninja Assassin utilises a loop-through 4K HDMI input to record signals at resolutions up to UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) at 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, and 30p, as well as Full HD (1920 x 1080) video up to 120 fps when used with capable cameras. 
The Ninja Assassin records 10-bit, 4:2:2 UHD 4K and HD video to Apple ProRes HQ, 422, or LT formats. It can also record HD video using Avid's DNxHD format and UHD 4K video using Avid's DNxHR codec. Video is recorded to single 2.5" HDD and SDDs for fast and reliable write speeds. 
As a monitor, the Ninja Assassin features a 7" IPS capacitive touchscreen display with resolution of 1920 x 1200. It is Rec. 709 colour calibrated and supports multi-frequency operation (48/50/60 Hz) for monitoring of a variety of input frame rates. 4K signals can be internally down-converted and output in 1080p at the same frame rate. 
The Ninja Assassin also includes custom 3D LUT support. There are also a variety of onscreen tools to help you set up your shots, including a full waveform monitor, RGB parade display, vectorscope, focus peaking, and other framing, focus, and exposure assisting tools.
Kit includes  Ac adaptor , Armour Bumper case , Soft travel case , quick start guide
Optional extras
Battery NP F750             $5 each *
256/240Gb SSD with Master Caddy     $45 each *
Master Caddy Dock         $5  *
Shoe mount                      $5  *
HDMI cable                       $5  *
* plus insurance and GST
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