edelkrone HeadONE

Ultra-Compact 360° Motorised Pan System.
Remote Controllable via iOS/Android App.
Desktop Mount or Attach to Other Gear.
LP-E6 Battery Plate.
Motion-Controlled Panning Shots.

The edelkrone HeadONE is an ultra-compact 360° motorized pan system controllable remotely via an iOS/Android app. The app allows for setting up motion-controlled panning shots, time-lapse sequences, stop-motion shots, and 360 panorama photo capture. In 360 panorama mode, you simply need to enter in how many photos you'd like, and the HeadONE automatically does the rest, providing you with precision panoramic images. It operates very quietly thanks to its ultra-silent step motor driver technology.

The HeadONE features a 3/8"-16 thread on the bottom and includes a 1/4"-20 bushing for the thread. It can be attached on sliders, tripods, dollies, and various other supports as well as placed directly on flat surfaces. It also pairs well with edelkrone products such as the DollyPLUS, which has wheels and provides another dimension of motion to work in combination with the pan motion of the HeadONE. Furthermore, the HeadONE supports a dedicated add-on Tilt Kit for tilt axis motion, and a Turntable Kit for product shots of jewellery and other items.

The camera-mounting platform offers a 3/8"-16 mounting screw for ball heads as well as edelkrone products such as the FlexTILT. The HeadONE comes with an LP-E6 battery plate for convenient battery operation, allowing you to keep it compact and wireless. It also provides a 2.5mm shutter cable port.

Key Features:
HeadONE is a highly redesigned version of the edelkrone Motion BOX
Completely new mechanical design with backlash-free gears
Quieter operation with ultra-silent step motor driver technology
LP-E6 battery slot
Improved carrying capacity for tilting (when using an optional Tilt Kit)
Pop-up screw on top for a safer packing experience
Increased signal range with plexiglass top piece
Built-in Wi-Fi module for future updates
Improved low-speed control for macro shots
Centered camera weight with optional Tilt Kit (allows better performance for indoor 360° photography)
Easier to stabilize on small stands
Wirelessly connects to edelkrone sliders and dollies
LANC port for better remote camera management

Sub groupTripods and Heads
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