Zoom F8n Multi Track Field Recorder

From: $60.00 plus insurance and GST

8 x XLR/TRS Combo Jack inputs with up to 10 Tracks Simultaneously recording, 2 x SD Card Slots

An update to the Zoom F8, the Zoom F8n boasts options like Zoom’s AutoMix, which automatically adjusts the levels to reduce ambient sound, ensuring a clean and well-captured sound. If you’re working on a one- to four-track project, you can utilise dual-channel recording to create safety tracks. Capture signal loudly with one, and have the other set to low gains as a backup should the louder mic feel over-saturated from too much level.

Power to the recorder can be supplied in one of three ways: via AA batteries, an AC adapter, or a 9 to 18 VDC external power pack. Two SD card slots can be used simultaneously for recording even longer sessions and can also be used as card readers when connected to a computer via USB.

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