Wedding Audio Hire Package

From: $150.00 plus insurance and GST

Clear audio is key for any event, but for Weddings, in particular, it is essential that your guests can hear the vows you make to each other. We’ve created this package so that no one misses a word.

With the LD Systems Roadbuddy¬†10 portable PA, 2 wireless microphones (either both handheld or 1 handheld and a second lapel) and a stand, this kit is ready to go and simple to use. It’s suitable for most weddings but we can tailor a package specifically for your day if you need more, whether that’s adding more speakers for a larger audience or to suit a band, to a recorder so that you can have clear audio after the big day!

This kit is designed so that you should be able to set it up and get it going yourself, but we can also provide a technician to set it up and even operate it for an additional cost.

Contact us today so we can design a package specifically for you!