Time Machine (2)

Time Machine

From: $125.00 plus insurance and GST


  • Time Machine
  • Enhanced Rotary Table & Motion Controller
  • Canon EOS shutter release cable & extension
  • Laser sensor & pickup
The Time Machine is a programmable intervalometer/controller for unattended, triggered, high speed, and time lapse photography. It responds to a variety of input sensors, calculates a variety of delays and sequences, and provides outputs. Output maybe
  • Triggering an electric shutter release cable for Canon EOS.
  • Triggering an electronic flash.
  • Triggering the rotation of a motorized device for time lapse panning

The Enhanced Rotary Table is used for ramped time lapse panning similar to effects seen in the movie “Baraka”. The enhanced table moves in increments as small as .001 degrees. This allows you to create time lapse sequences that start with no motion, gradually increase to a constant speed, then gradually decrease to a full stop.

See Bryan’s website for even more information and possibilties