Reflector 42″ circular

From: $9.00 plus insurance and GST

The Phottix 5 in 1 Light Multi Collapsible Reflector (42”) is an essential accessory. It can assist in creating a wide range of lighting effects and act as portable background. Five easy-to-change colour panels are included: Gold, Silver, White, Black, Translucent.

The colour panels are hardwearing and resistant. They can be used with all light sources and withstand most environmental conditions. Phottix Multi Collapsible Reflectors brings complete lighting control one step closer in a simple and versatile way. Designed to spring quickly into shape for use and collapse for transport and storage they are location friendly, portable and lightweight.

Key Features

  • 5 colour panels; Gold Silver, White, Black and Translucent
  • Reversible zippers to quickly change panels
  • Collapses for easy storage

Included panels

  • Gold Bounce Panel – Provides a warm gold glow, excellent for portrait work.
  • Silver Bounce Panel – Provides a high contrast reflective bounce, to increase highlights and contrast.
  • White Bounce Panel – Creates a bright, natural second light for fill or creating highlights.
  • Pure Black Absorption Panel – Absorbs light, does not reflect. Limit the sun or window light, hot spots or highlights.
  • Translucent White Diffusion Panel – Designed to diffuse light in a similar fashion to a soft box, ideal for minimising shadows and softening light.