Pilot Era 8K 360 Degree VR Camera

From: $140.00 plus insurance and GST

  • 8K video in-camera stitching.
  • Standalone live streaming.
  • UFS high-speed storage.
  • Sony CMOS sensor.

The Pilot Era 8K 360 Degree VR Camera features a high-definition 3.1-inch touch screen that allows you to do everything in real-time in camera, such as monitoring, stitching, preview, publishing, setting adjustment and live streaming. Unlike traditional pro-level 8K 360° VR cameras, Pilot Era does not require any post-processing in computers. It shoots 8K panoramic videos and photos and automatically stitches them just inside the camera.

Equipped with both ethernet and 4G cellular/dual-band Wi-Fi connection, Pilot Era is able to stream 4K panoramic content through its built-in server without a computer. Being a Google Maps Street View ready camera, Pilot Era has built-in ultra-precise GPS and supports one-click upload to Google Maps.

Pilot Era is powered by Android-based operating system, which is user-friendly and upgradable. Moreover, we regularly push OTA updates and improvements to the Camera software. With a full-function USB-C port, Pilot Era adapts to many different peripherals, such as external display, microphone and power bank.

Key Features:

Fits in one hand

Pilot Era has a super compact structure and weighs only 690g. It fits in any bag or a large pocket.

Powerful performance

Pilot Era is equipped with a high-performance AI processor for graphics processing and highly-optimized algorithms to create stunning 8K panoramic contents.

512GB UFS high-speed storage

Loaded with 512GB UFS high-speed storage, Pilot Era stores over 6.5 hours of 8K videos or 26000 panoramic photos.

7200mAh removable high capacity battery

With a 7200mAh removable high capacity battery, Pilot Era can shoot up to 3.5 hours of 8K video – this is the longest battery life in any pro-level 360°camera.


Lenses Four fisheye lenses
Aperture f/2.4
Sensor Sony 12mp 1/2.3-inch sensor
Photo resolution 8,192 x 4,096* updated 7/12/18
Video resolution (in-camera stitching but not realtime) 7680 x 3840 @ 24fps*
6784 x 3392 @ 30fps
5760 x 2880 @ 30fps*
3840 x 1920 @ 60fps*
Video resolution (realtime in-camera stitching) 7680 x 3840 @ 7fps
5760 x 2880 @ 15fps
3840 x 1920 @ 30fps
Live streaming 3840 x 1920 @ 30fps
Facebook and YouTube
Video format, encoding and bitrate mp4
H.264 / H.265
up to 100mbps*
Audio 4 microphones
Ambisonic sound
Stabilization Realtime image stabilization with AI and 9-axis gyro
LCD screen 3.1-inch TFT LCD
full colour
800 x 480
Storage internal 64GB* +
one Micro SD card up to 256 GB
Connectivity USB Type C
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Ethernet (Gigabit)
4G (upgradeable to 5G)
Nano SIM Card
Mount 1/4-20
Battery life 7000 mAh
3.5 hrs recording
removable battery
Dimensions 61mm x 61mm x159mm
2.4 in x 2.4 in x 6.2 in
Weight 565 grams
1.2 lbs.