Mattebox: Tilta MB-T12 4×5.65″ 3 tray

From: $90.00 plus insurance and GST

Featuring a lightweight yet strong carbon-fibre construction, Tilta ‘s versatile MB-T12 Matte Box can secure to your camera’s lens via its built-in clamp or to 15mm rods using the included 15mm LWS rod bracket. While a 114mm clamp is installed, 134mm, 90mm and 80mm clamps are also included for fitting to other lens fronts. Three filter stages hold 4×5.65″ filters for creatively composing your shots. All three stages are fixed and do not rotate. In order to effectively block possible sources of flare and ghosts a 5-piece hard matte set is included, working with lenses from 16mm all the way up to 180mm.

Key Features

Quick Features

  • Carbon fibre and aluminium construction
  • Suitable for studio and cinema cameras
  • 15mm dual-rod adapter makes it easy to convert the MB-T12 from a clip-on to a rod-mounted matte box

Interchangeable Front Hard Mattes
A hard matte set is included, covering the following focal lengths:

  • 16-20mm
  • 24-28mm
  • 32-35mm
  • 50-85mm
  • 85-180mm