Kupo 546M K Stand Junior Boom Stand

From: $20.00 plus insurance and GST

Featuring a pivoting collar with adjustable level handle, the 546M K Stand from Kupo functions as a standard light stand or as a junior boom arm, with one levelling leg for stable use on uneven terrain. Ideal for supporting medium-sized light fixtures with an attached softbox or umbrella, the K Stand’s four-section design offers a maximum height of 5.1m, and a minimum height of 1.66m. When used in boom configuration, the boom arm extends from 61 to 100″ (155 to 280 cm), with a load capacity of 30kg at minimum extension and 8kg at maximum extension.

At the end of the boom arm is a multi-functional stand top with a Junior receiver, Baby receiver, and a Baby pin that can be oriented upwards or downwards, giving you versatile fixture mounting options. A 14mm diameter hole at the end of the arm is used to add counterweight bags for balancing. Optional casters are available for the stand’s square-end legs for manoeuvrability around a set or studio.

Pivoting collar with adjustable lever for use as a standard light stand or boom arm
Three risers, four sections
Multi-function stand top with junior receiver, baby receiver, and baby pin
Downward or upward orientation for baby pin
0.55″ Diameter hole in end of boom arm for adding counterweight
Chrome-plated steel construction
One levelling leg
Construction Chrome-plated steel
Load Capacity Minimum Extension: 66 lb (30 kg)
Maximum Extension: 17.6 lb (8 kg)
Number of Risers 3
Column Diameter 1.8″ (45 mm) / 1.6″ (40 mm) / 1.4″ (35 mm) / 1.2″ (30 mm)
Maximum Height 200″ (510 cm)
Minimum Height 65.4″ (166 cm)
Folded Length 63″ (160 cm)
Boom Length 61 to 110″ (155 to 280 cm)
Attachment Method 1 x 1-1/8″ (28.6 mm) Junior receiver
1 x 5/8″ (15.9 mm) Baby receiver
1 x 5/8″ (15.9 mm) Baby pin
Leg Design Square: 1 x 1″ (25 x 25 mm)
Footprint Diameter Maximum: 52.8″ (134 cm)
Weight 33 lb (15 kg)