Kessler Digital Rev Head

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Kessler Digital Rev Head
Digital Control Center
Second Shooter Controller
Magpak Battery
AC adapters, charger and control cables

The Digital Revolution Head brings the latest in digital motion control technology to a proven Kessler platform that can accommodate rigs up to 20 lbs. Ideal for cranes and jibs as well as able to be tripod or slider mounted, the Digital Revolution Head can be mounted over or under-slung to provide dynamic pan and tilt camera movement in a variety of shooting environments.

The Digital Revolution Head connects directly to the Second Shooter or Second Shooter Plus controller where users can control the head’s pan and tilt functionality and also control focus, iris and zoom via available FIZ motors. Users may utilise controls on the Second Shooter and Second Shooter Plus Controller for operation or alternatively control the Digital Revolution Head via kOS software.

The Digital Revolution Head can additionally be controlled via the Digital Control Center (DCC) for manual and pre-programmed camera movement with a joystick, ideal for crane and jib operation in live-video situations. When using the DCC, users will still need to connect the Digital Revolution Head to a Second Shooter or Second Shooter Plus controller as well as connect the DCC to the controller, as it acts as the motor controller in any setup.

The Digital Revolution Head has the highest weight capacity of any Kessler motion control pan and tilt head (same as CineDrive) and utilizes the precise digital control already available on the different Kessler platforms. With real-time digital motor feedback, the Digital Revolution Head is ideal for live-video, time-lapse, stop-motion and VFX work where repeatability is essential.

A key feature that makes the Digital Revolution Head standout is the ability to adjust its tilt arm height and camera basket height. This is fantastic for users that utilize different cameras for different jobs and for future compatibility.

A proven system for eliminating messy rigs and keeping shooters organized, the Digital Revolution Head utilizes Kessler’s Magnalink system for attaching components together.

The Digital Control Center (DCC) by Kessler Crane represents the latest innovation of the Kessler motion control product offering. Similar in concept to the previous generation of analogue controller, Oracle, the DCC brings real-time manual control via a joystick to CineDrive.

The DCC can control up to 6 axes, 3 of them simultaneously and all 6 via a toggle button. Whether controlling CineDrive completely manually or interacting with specific axes within an autonomous move, the DCC provides flexibility in control for various shooting environments. One great example of this is that users can now manually pull focus during a pre-programmed move, thus allowing operators to more organically interact with the subjects they are filming.

Users can pair joystick control with the extremely popular Second Shooter and Second Shooter Plus platforms. Also, users can control the Digital Revolution Head with the DCC. This combination is ideal for crane and jib use and is a system that can handle rigs up to 9.07 kgs.

Key Features
Users can customize the DCC’s settings such as speed, damping and deadband controls to fine tune to the specific needs of the shooter and their rig.

The DCC allows users to control up to 3 axes simultaneously and can manage a total of 6 including pan, tilt, slide, focus, iris and zoom. Users also have the ability to name each axis according to their needs.

Leverage the power of KOS and the advantages of manual control with the DCC to perform precise camera movement and set up pre-programmed keyframed moves.

When operating via manual control users can utilize the DCC’s cruise control feature to set fixed speeds to ensure consistent camera movement.

With the DCC users can initiate pre-programmed moves while simultaneously manually controlling specific axis, such as pulling focus during a pre-set 3-axis pan, slide and tilt move.

A trademark of our innovative motion control products is continual feature development through periodic firmware updates easily upgradable via the DCC’s USB port.

The DCC utilizes the proprietary Magnalink system to keep the controller, batteries and other accessories connected and organized.

The DCC’s all-aluminum cage is built rock-solid to handle the harshest of environment and has various 1/4-20” and 3/8-16” threaded holes for universal mounting.

The MagPak™ Battery is an ultra-portable power solution for Kessler motion control products, specifically designed for Second Shooter. Featuring 3.8Ah @12.6V (48Wh), the battery has been tested running a 3-axis Second Shooter at 50% power for 8+ hours. Using Kessler’s Magnalink system, the battery mounts behind the Second Shooter controller to ensure an organized and secure set up.
Barrel: 12.6V-10.8V (5.5mm OD x 2.1mm ID center positive) 3.8Ah @12.6V (48Wh)
USB: 5V 5.8Ah @5V (29Wh)