Eartec HUB742MXD UltraLITE 7-Person HUB Intercom System

From: $150.00 plus insurance and GST

The Eartec HUB742MXD UltraLITE 7-Person HUB Intercom System includes one HUB Mini Base Station, four UltraLITE Single Remote headsets, two UltraLITE Double Remote headsets, one Max 4G Double headset, seven LX600LI lithium batteries, an 8-port charger, and a large soft-side case. It is designed to accommodate seven-person crews who need to communicate wirelessly while simultaneously working with their hands.

The Hub is designed to extend the range of your existing Eartec wireless system by over 1000′, and moreover, to be portable; you can wear it on a belt, and thus allow your hotspot to travel with you, or place it in a single, changeable location. The UltraLITE single and dual headsets works in conjunction with the Hub for controlling the voice communication between users. They provide two-way voice communication and the microphone arm can swivel 270°. The Max 4G Double headset features a noise cancelling microphone and a boom arm with internal switch that automatically mutes when placed in an “up” position.

This is the perfect kit for any large event, theatre show or concert.

Reduced pricing available for hiring less head sets – call or email for a quote.