LED160A Bi-Colour Light
LED160A Bi-Colour Light (2)

Dracast LED160A Bi-Colour On-Camera LED Light

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The Dracast On-Camera Bi-Colour Temperature LED Light with Aluminium Chassis, Battery, Plate & Charger incorporates 160 LEDs, 80 daylight balanced and 80 tungsten balanced, with a CRI rating of 95, providing illumination with accurate colour reproduction. It features an aluminium chassis for strength and durability but weighs only half a pound. It features a built-in variable dimmer that can dim the lights output from 100 to 0% without flicker at any frame rate. A separate knob controls the colour temperature balance of the LEDs.
The light produces a 45° beam angle, providing bright light with an even spread. It features a slot for available diffusion gel (not included) so you can easily soften the light without having to tape or pin diffusion onto the light. You can power the unit by using the included Sony L type battery to power the unit. A 1/4″-20 threaded hole allows you to mount the light to your camera’s accessory shoe via the included hot shoe adapter.
Key Features
Daylight Color Temperature & Dimming
  • The 160AB features 160 LEDs, 80 tungsten and 80 daylight balanced LEDs.
  • A single knob controls the colour temperature balance.
  • The maximum brightness of the light is reached when the colour temperature is set about half way between tungsten and daylight.
  • A single knob controls the dimming of the unit, with a flicker free brightness range of 100 to 0%.
  • The kit includes the 160AB LED Light, battery, charger, hot shoe mount, P tap battery cable, travel case
  • It features a slot for diffusion or colour correction gel.
  • The light unit includes a Sony L type battery, charger, and battery plate.
  • The light incorporates a 1/4″-20 threaded mounting hole in the bottom of the unit for light stand or accessory mounting. Using the included hot shoe mount allows you to mount the light to your camera via the hot shoe connector.
Battery Level Indicator
  • Pressing the battery test button, marked as “T” on the back panel of the unit, shows the remaining battery life on 4 green LEDs.
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