Aurora Aperture 77mm Filter ND65000 16 stops

From: $20.00 plus insurance and GST

16 stops


Expand the range of creative effects available to you with the PowerND ND65000 77mm Neutral Density Filter from Aurora-Aperture . This round 4.8 ND filter features a 65000x filter factor that provides a 16-stop reduction in exposure, allowing you to slow down shutter speeds to a minute or more even under bright daylight. It also lets you use wider apertures in bright lighting situations, or combine wide apertures and slow shutter speeds with ease.

Applied to both sides of the glass, the filter’s multi-layer nano coating allows for accurate colour performance and little to no loss in resolution. This coating also repels water, oil, and dust to make the filter surface easy to clean. The PowerND is made of Schott B 270 glass for increased clarity and durability, and has a slim profile with a thickness of 3.4mm that minimises vignetting when using wide angle lenses. Finally, 77mm front filter threads enable stacking with other filters to achieve a wide variety of effects.