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Aputure Amaran HR672 3-Point (2-Daylight Spot, 1-Bi-Colour Flood) 3-Light Kit

From: $50.00 plus insurance and GST

With the Amaran 3-Point 2-Daylight Spot, 1-Bi-Colour Flood Daylight HR672 3-Light Kit, Aputurehas brought together a versatile trio of lights for location or studio work. Each light comes with a wireless remote control for central command of the lights, especially those situated in hard to reach places. Each also includes a multi-voltage AC adapter, 2 Sony-type batteries and chargers, a tilting stand adapter with 5/8″ spigot and both a diffusion and an orange tungsten conversion filter. It all fits in the provided kit case.

The most powerful light in the series, the Amaran HR672S Daylight LED Spot Light from Aputure is an LED panel that uses 672 95+ rated LEDs to render colours with optimal precision and accuracy. The light’s 5500K colour temperature means that you can easily match it with other daylight sources like HMIs and cool white fluorescents, as well balance the unit with ambient daylight conditions. An orange conversion (3200-5500K) filter is supplied to match tungsten lights or for creative late day lighting effects.